Thursday, 29 September 2011

World Heart Day 2011

World Heart Day fall on 29 September every year. It was created in 2000 to inform the public around the world that heart disease and stroke is the cause of death worldwide, claiming 17.1 million lives each year.

Together with its members, the World Heart Federation spread the news that at least 80% of premature deaths from heart disease and stroke can be prevented if
major risk factors like tobacco, unhealthy diet and lack of physical activity, are controlled.

This year theme is One World, One Home, One Heart.

One World
the High Level Meeting of the United Nations Organisation (UN) on Non Communicable Diseases (disease) occurred in September, World Heart Day presents a great opportunity to deliver a message on the outcome of the meeting and raised the importance of disease up a global health agenda.

One Home
After two years of
focusing on heart health in the workplace, this year
World Heart Day call on individuals to reduce their own and their families the risk of heart disease and stroke. World Heart Day asked people to look after the heart health of their homes by taking steps such as choosing healthy food choices, increasing physical activity, and say no to tobacco.

One Heart
As always
World Heart Day emphasis to improve heart health throughout all nations.

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

How To Minimize Allergies Early

One of health conditions which are always being discussed is allergies. One discovery has been made ​​for infants who will grow up less allergic.

Pregnant women
who eat lots of fish and walnut oil not only have a smarter baby but also initiate the process of their baby's immune system health. A group of fatty acid called n-3PUFAs helps the baby's gut becomes more permeable.

This will allow bacteria and new substance to pass through it and into the bloodstream that would later trigger the healthy immune system and antibodies production.

This will make your baby immune system mature faster and the results are better immune function and less likelihood of suffering allergies. This kind of fatty acids are found in fish, walnuts and flaxseed oil which are now
being increasingly replaced by corn oil and other fatty acids.

In our country fish is the most readily available, so expectant mums care for your health & eat more fish to avoid your children from developing allergies in their life.

Monday, 26 September 2011

USM Graduate at 74 years old

A 1981 retired army, warrant officer 1, Yunos Abdul Hamid 74-year-old proved that age is not a barrier for him to graduate from Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM). Picture from

Grandfather of five grandchildren has underwent a three-year studies and now received a degree in Humanities along with 588 other students.

"I am pleased and proud for the support of my family members who made ​​me continue to study," said Abdul Hamid, as quoted from Bernama, Saturday (24/09/2011).

Father of two children aged 42 and 37 this year revealed that the most difficult task during the course is to master the Malay language and English language because both languages ​​are a language of instruction used in the classroom.

"I'm not too familiar with the today's Malay language style and have no knowledge of English," said Abdul Hamid, who hopes to continue his education to a Master's degree.

Meanwhile, Human Resources Manager of Penang Port, Abdul Kadim Abdul Banit also received a degree in Community Science from the same university at the age of 56 years old.

He said, will continue his studies into the levels of S-2 and S-3 before age 60 years. "I want to share this joy with my family because I have to take the time to work, study and my family for four years," he said.

Make this story as a motivation to learn. Regardless of how old you are, keep learning to improve yourself.

Friday, 23 September 2011

The Effect of Overfishing

Overfishing occurs when fish and other marine species are caught at a faster rate than they can reproduce. Around the world there are about 90% of large predatory fish stocks have gone. Forever! This includes the delicious and maybe expensive dinner favorites such as tuna and cod.

Watch this 2009 film...

Overfishing has led to the near extinction of not only many species of fish, but also other marine organisms, including coral reefs. When the fish that eat algae is removed from the coral reefs, algae grow. Algae will cover the coral reefs, thus killing the reefs.

It can also cause fish starvation. Starved cod fish have been found due to their natural food shortages. Click here for more information. And tons of them was found dead floating on the sea.

It is not only fish affected by fishing. As we fish we catch things that do not have commercial value as a marine mammals, sharks, sea birds, and non-commercial fish species. Over exploited, killed as by catch and discarded (up to 80% of catch for certain fisheries), and are threatened by industrial fisheries.

Scientists agree
that at current exploitation rates of many important fish stocks will be removed from the system in 25 years.

The big fish, bill fish, grouper, big things will be lost. It is happening now. If this happen unchecked, we will have a sea full of horrible little things that couldnot be eaten. We may end up with a marine junkyard dominated by plankton.

"The problems we have today will not be solved by thinking the way we thought when we created them."
- Albert Einstein

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Riding Horse For Health Benefits

One way to obtain good health is through physical training. If you see someone riding a horse, it looks like he was just sitting only while giving instructions to the horse like go, whoa, and turn. Looks like the horse does all the work while carrying the rider, correct? Wrong.

There are far too many things done by the rider when riding a horse than a casual observer might expect. Riding horses has many benefits beyond simple enjoyment; physical, mental and emotional health.

Selangor Turf Club was founded in the 1800s by a group of amateur racing enthusiasts with the establishment of the Selangor Gymkhana Club. In 1896 under the patronage of the British Resident, Sir Frank Swettenham, Selangor Turf Club was formed.

In 1992, the Selangor Turf Club has been relocated from Jalan Ampang to give way to KLCC Twin Towers to a new race course site in Sungai Besi.

From 23-25 September 2011 from 10 am - 6 pm the Selangor Turf Club in Sungai Besi will present Horse Carnival/Expo. All sorts of healthy horse-related activities will be held. Admission is free.

If you want you shall be a volunteer here on the weekends only. Here you can ride a horse and can also learn to ride a horse with a very reasonable fee. Jom! Must be fun.

For more info visit:

Enjoy horse for your health...

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Want To Be Happy? Eat Happy Food.

Health of human brain power and happines are related to food that we eat.
Certain micronutrients have effect on brain functions, cognition and emotion so closely related to what you eat just a few hours, days or weeks.

Blueberries and cocoa may cheer the mood after 5 hours of taking it.

It contains flavonoids which also found in green tea, red wine and grapes. Volunteers in the study who drank blueberry smoothie in the morning, did much better at mental tasks in the afternoon than those who drink other beverages.

Findings on cocoa show the same effect after only 2 hours of intake can increase concentration and memory. Flavonoids in cocoa also can lower blood pressure and inflammation.

Dark green vegetables, when taken continuously for days or weeks can get rid of low mood and depression.

Lack of folic acid can cause depression, so the addition of folic acid in the diet can cure or prevent it.

Foods high in protein such as eggs, meat, milk and fish not only healthy but can increase concentration and alertness.

Carbohydrate foods such as bread and potatoes can be calm & relax.

Micronutrient levels are also associated with a powerful long term impact on mental well being, has the potential to prevent from age-related memory loss.
Studies have shown that taking high doses of vitamin B on daily basis can reduce brain shrinkage for those aged over 70 years so they can maintain the memory and brainpower health.

Friday, 16 September 2011

Selamat Hari Merdeka ke 54 & Hari Malaysia ke 48

Selamat Hari Merdeka ke 54 & Hari Malaysia ke 48. This year, those 2 historic days was celebrated on the same day on 16 September 2011 as Hari Merdeka, 31 August 2011 falls on the 2nd day of Eid Fitr in Malaysia.

A glorious celebration was held at the Merdeka Square from 8.00 am to 10.00 am today 16 September 2011. The bright sunny friday morning seems to also celebrate this meaningful day.

People were still in raya mood and most of us were still at our hometown to celebrate Eid with our family on 31 August 2011. The Independence Day theme for this year is "1 Malaysia: Tranformasi Berjaya. Rakyat Sejahtera"
while the theme for last year's Independence Day is "1 Malaysia Menjana Transformasi".

Happy holiday ;)

1 Malaysia Song.

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Thursday, 15 September 2011

3 Horse Riding Benefits

Most people already know that riding horse is great for health, and it also is one of the sporting sunnah of the Prophet Mohammad SAW beside swimming and archery.

3 horse riding advantages for health are:

1) Great for your physical health

Hacking out burns about 40 calories every 10 minutes or 240 calories per hour. Mucking out burns up 80 calories per 10 minutes or 480 calories per hour. Schooling horses burn 70 calories every 10 minutes or 360 calories per hour.

2) Relieve stress

Riders enjoy fresh air at the same time as exercising. Mere act of patting a horse shown to lower blood pressure. Concerned about the horse gives humans experience of relationships, responsibility and friendship - bonding with the noble horses is the best pressure buster you can find!

3) Increase your confidence

Learning to control and animals much larger than yourself can boost your confidence.

Usually the fees charged by the horse riding club is expensive. There is an equestrian centre which is relatively low price in Serdang, Selangor, another less expensive horse riding centre is in Shah Alam. Click here to go to Denai Alam Recreation & Riding Club, Shah Alam.

It is located in Serdang, Selangor and is known as El Campo Equestrian. Payment for 10 rides is only RM450.00 & open from 7.30 am - 6.00 pm.

El Campo Equestrian,
Malaysia Agro Exposition Park Serdang (MAEPS), 43400 Selangor Kampung Sungai Serdang, Malaysia
Phone: 016-3238778

Get a horse ride now for your great health.

Monday, 12 September 2011

Heard of Tongue Cancer Before?

Tongue health is rarely spoken about. Have you ever heard of tongue cancer or oropharyngeal cancer? I was surprised to know it today, do you? It did happen though not many cases. Tongue cancer is a kind of oral cancer.

Anyone can get tongue cancer, though people who use tobacco products and are older than 45 years old are at a higher risk.

What can cause tongue cancer?
The risk below can cause tongue cancer but not all people with the risk can develope tongue cancer.
  • Age over 40 years
  • Alcohol abuse
  • Diet low in fruits and vegetables
  • Human papilloma virus (HPV) infection
  • Male gender
  • Personal history of oral cancer
  • Smoking or use of other tobacco products
Symptoms of tongue cancer
  • A red or white patches on the tongue, which will not disappear;
  • Sore throat that does not go away
  • Place a pain in the tongue that does not go away
  • Pain when swallowing
  • Numbness in the mouth that will not go away
  • Unexplained bleeding from the tongue (which is not caused by biting the tongue or other injury)
  • Pain in the ear (rarely happen)
These symptoms may be caused by other less serious sickness. But it is important to check the symptoms with your doctor just to be sure.

Treating tongue cancer

Diagnose cancer earlier means it will be easier to control and possibly cure. Treatment can be done by:
  • surgery
  • radiotherapy
  • chemotherapy
You may have one or a combination of treatments

To reduce the risk of tongue cancer
As like other type of cancer,
  • Eat lots of vegetables and fruits
  • Retiring from the use of tobacco products, including cigarettes and smokeless tobacco.
  • Reduce your alcohol intake
  • Do a regular exercise
Prevention is better than a treatment for the sake of your health.

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Sleep Quality Affecting Blood Pressure

Your health is link closely to your sleep pattern. Earlier studies showed that sleep disorders and low levels sleep may pose a greater risk of heart disease and obesity and may reduce life expectancy. Recent studies have found that it can cause high blood pressure.

Healthy sleep is during slow wave sleep, brain electrical activity slowed, as well as heart rate, adrenaline levels and blood pressure. Blood pressure fell by approximately 10 ml of mercury during deep sleep.

People who do not have the deep sleep every night may influence blood pressure during the day.

Any condition that disrupts your sleep at night, for example, strong snoring, sleep apnea or restless leg syndrome can shorten your slow-wave sleep can effect your health. Although you can have the effect of age: a decrease of deep sleep when you get older.

Studies show that being more physically and cognitive active can increase the amount of time you spend in deep sleep at night.

The only way to know you have a good sleep is you feel rested and alert in the morning and ready to go after seven to eight hours of sleep. If not it's time to see your doctor for health check-up.

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Vast Malaysian Herb Species

In Malaysia there are about 6,000 species of herbs that can be used as a health supplement and beauty products. It has been used for hundreds of years for traditional medicine in the country.

Among the herbs that are still in research are lempoyang, turmeric, kaffir lime, kemoyang, citronella (serai wangi), basil (selasih), jangkang and sandalwood (gaharu).

Extracts or chemicals compounds of these herbs are good for health and very high in anti-oxidants, anti inflammatory, anti microbial and biopesticide properties.

Based on the studies an extract and the essential oils of these herbs can be used as cosmetics and health products in the form of capsules, tablets or tea.

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Labuan: Sandy White Beach & Crystal Clear Waters

Travel to Labuan Island is always special for its beaches, clear water and sunny weather. Always filled with people but not too crowded.

Privileges of travel to Labuan is on it beautiful beaches. Pantai Layang Layangan here has won a United Nations award in 2008 as one of the most clean beaches in the region.

One of the interesting activities to do while travel here is "beach drive". Driving while watching the beautiful beaches as far as 9 km from Pantai Layang Layangan by the beach to Pancur Hitam and Pohon Batu beaches.

The weather is beautiful with the balmy wind with palm and Casuarina trees along the road. If you want to eat, you can buy the nice aroma barbecue chicken wings from stalls at the roadside. If you like you can join them playing beach football at the beach.

Surely Labuan is a great place to travel.

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Utility Terrain Vehicle (UTV)

Utility Terrain Vehicle or UTR are new to us all. It is an interesting and adventurous vehicle, It can go to place where other vehicles dare not go, like the desert, rock or snow area. It is very rugged and reliable.

The tire can be controlled one by one, can be four wheel drive or 2 wheel drive. Nice ha?

Utility Terrain Vehicle (UTR) made with the following criteria:
  • between 900 lb to 1999 lb.
  • four or more low tire pressure
  • cargo boxes or dump
  • steering, tail lights, brake lights, 2 headlights, seat belts or similar devices.
  • maximum width of 65 inches
  • seating for at least two occupants, non straddled seat
  • roll bar or similar device
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Monday, 5 September 2011

Help To Create Your Equipment

If you have any ideas for making machines or equipment you can go to ZULL DESIGN AUTOTRONIC. Mr Zulkifli Haron owner of this company are capable to create your desired products according to your budget and needs.

The SME (IKS) entrepreneurs who got the idea for the machine to make their job easier also can come here to meet with En.Zulkifli Haron to realize their ideas. Mr Zulkifli Haron three main steps in the business is 'convince', 'confuse' and 'confirm' which is very useful.

Zull Design is located at No. 35, Jalan Seri Pagi 1, Pusat Perdagangan Sri Pagi, 48200 Sungai Choh, Rawang, Selangor Darul Ehsan. For more information visit

Saturday, 3 September 2011

Martha Tilaar an Indonesian Jamu Doyenne

Matha Tilaar a woman who specializes in the manufacture of a health product, jamu (herbal medicine) and business from Indonesia.
Martha Tilaar now 74 years old and still healthy & actively involved in the jamu (herbal medicine) business as well as a lecturer at the University of Indonesia, School of Herbal Medicine. She wants her knowledge to be shared with others and not go to waste when she's no more here in this world.

She also teaches the blind massage techniques and women prisoners, handicraft. She gives talks on entrepreneurship too. Her days are full. Her grandmother was the person who tought her about jamu (herbal medicine). 

Jamu is for inner and outer health in the natural way. Beauty is health. If you are not healthy, you will not be beautiful, said Martha Tilaar. She was once a teacher and had to stop working to undertake the business of herbal medicine.

When she wanted to start her business, she was lack of capital & has to get the loan from her siblings to start the busines. Her business now has grown into an integrated, world-class with an annual turnover of US75 million dollars with exports around the world.

 Remembering the difficulties she had experienced, she now wants to help others by setting up the subsidiaries offering beauty counselling and giving out local and international franchise operations management for spa.

 Among the products are Biokos (anti-ageing skincare), Caring Colours (decorative, make-up base), Youth (splash colognes for Teenagers), Berto Tea, Dewi Sri Spa (holistic spa products), Professional Artist Cosmetics (performance, and make-up base) and Jamu Garden (medicinal, skincare, body care and healthcare).

For more info click here 

Friday, 2 September 2011

Journey From Kuala Lumpur To Pasir Mas on 1 Sept 2011

On the night of Sept 1 2011 I began the journey from KL Sentral, Kuala Lumpur to Pasir Mas, Kelantan. The walk begins at 8:30 pm and takes about 13 hours. I arrived at the Pasir Mas at about 10.00 am.

My coach no W2 , seat 17.

Arrived at Tanah Merah, Kelantan. Can be seen foreign tourists beside local people who went back for Eid Fitr celebrations.

Reached Pasir Mas station, my destination at Kelantan. I will go to Kota Bharu soon after arriving.

Train continue it journey to Wakaf Bharu and last destination was to Tumpat, Kelantan.