Sunday, 11 December 2016

Energy and EFT Tapping, Chakra For Money Magnet

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Tapping for Fifty Thousand part2

How to get what you want - FAST!

Step 1) be clear (don't misbelieve),  

Step 2) know what you want specific goal & love your goal, 

Step 3) pack it with full emotion or feel the emotion and let the emotion stay with you as long as you can, emotion such as optimism, love, pride, desire, ectasy, happiness, keep the emotion with you while you visualising it. 

See, smell, hear, taste something that associate with it, feel it- touch it with your hand, enggage it with all your senses it will speed up the process so much faster.

Step 4) Feel the feelings to already achieve it like calmness, contentment (rasa gembira dan puas), excited, affection (fond, love, like, tender, warmth), courage (berani buat perkara yg biasanya kita takut), joy (joy is the big one we must have), satisfaction, thrill (be excited), Hold it with you, keep it with you while you working to achive your goal. 

Step 5) Gratitude. You can't go without gratitude. Be grateful for everything that you have & everything that you want. Put grateful everywhere. The universe will give you more for what you are grateful for. This help. So be grateful ALL THE TIME.

Step 6) Remember our stick man.

Step 7) Keep visualizing it. Do it last thing at night & first thing in the morning to see your vision. See in your mind you already achieve that. See it around you. you are in it, you are being it. This will put the universe to work & achieving it for you.  

Step 8) Smart Goal
specific, measurable, achievable, realistic & time bound. Must have action plan to achieve the goal (do the work). Break it down into small goals.


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