Monday, 26 December 2016

How To Attract Miracles

How to ATTRACT Miracles using the law of attraction (FULL AUDIO BOOK)

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Komen 1

Don't wait, just be. Don't create steps to your manifestations as that iz creating middlemen and will only slow the progress of materializing your desires. Don't be a seeker. The seeker will always seek. The being will always be. Be the being, not the seeker. Embody your desire as much as you possibly can now, don't ever wait. If you want to be wealthy then become wealthy now. Dress like you're wealthy, eat like you're wealthy, spend like you are wealthy (avoid buying cheaper to get more for your buck this iz a belief in lack), talk like you're wealthy, always think like you are wealthy, it's important to let go of any beliefs of lack or not believing you're already whatever it iz you desire of being. This iz instant manifestation. Eventually our physical circumstances will have to catch up with the mental image we create, it's law. Acting it out as if it has already occurred physically iz merely an act of faith and nothing more. The ultimate reality iz the mental image we create in our minds. Knowing this allows it to manifest with ease even if our current circumstances reflect back a different image of what we have already manifested in our mind's eye. The popular term used iz the 3rd Eye but it iz actually the First Eye, not the 3rd Eye...what we see in our mind's eye iz ALWAYS the first true reality and only actual manifestation. Manifestations NEVER follow the other two eyes which are only optical nerves of the brain that interpret light information. Therefore, the 3rd Eye iz inaccurate terminology and a backwards belief that causes people to keep recreating their current circumstances only to experience them again which are usually undesired results. It iz the First Eye in all reality. Never ever wait. Action iz NOT necessary but taking action tells the universe you are serious about your desire and speeds along the fulfillment of the manifestation in alignment with all that iz. Believing action iz needed to manifest your desires iz to lack faith in the universe's ability to serve you what you desire and limits the universe to delivering your desires in the quickest most efficient way possible. Our actions are not what manifests our desires. Our taking action iz an action of faith that shows our willingness to align ourselves with the universal forces, nothing more. You are not earning your desires. There iz no earning to be done. Effort does not make a manifestation occur faster, nor iz it entirely necessary. You are not rewarded for your efforts, you receive your desires upon simply asking. It iz unconditional, we receive our desires on grace alone. One can indeed sit on their hands and do nothing but this too will limit the universe from delivering our desire to us in the most efficient manner and only slow the fulfillment of the alignment down. The process iz done as soon as the desire iz felt within. It's already a reality within. To deny the fulfillment of your desire already being manifested simply cuz you do not see it in your current physical circumstances iz an act of resistance and a lack of faith. People need to let go of this belief that the physical universe iz the only's the last reality if even a reality at all, it's more akin to being an illusion. The only thing real about what iz physical iz that it's a real reflection, but it iz still only a representation of what iz real, that which iz within iz the reality, that inner reality iz then projected into the physical universe and reflected back to us. That iz why it's best to not worry about how and when our physical reflection will finally catch up with the mental reality. Our taking action meets the universe upon the path of most allowance where all the miracles the eternal present moment of now. Action iz only a declaration of our faith that what we believe iz what we will see.

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