Monday, 19 December 2016

No More Shared Greetings

As salam. Dont know how far this is true. Berhati2 though.

Please don't send Good morning, good night, or festivals greetings such as pictures, movies. A lot of people reported that hackers designed the pictures, movies perfect for hiding phishing; when everybody forwards and sends those, they will go and steal personal information. If you would like to greet one another, type your own to protect yourself, as well as protecting friends! (Review 57 Eastern Financial reported consecutively 5 sets of  invited victims, described the fraud process at 11:00), victims of some 200,000 people!!! (Very important). Reminder: make sure delete all early and late and exquisite designs, films of the new year's greetings (really really necessary to do so even though reluctantly) for self safety, and that of friends to avoid hackers phishing. Afraid that yours and mine personal data would be stolen. Losses, harm and damage result more than gains. So, from now on, all Good morning, afternoon, evening and highlights of new year's greeting, or pictures, movies - please delete all.  Greet each other by typing own words or use completely self made picture, completely self produced film, video. Self creation is completely safe. Warning above for your reference.

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